H2SITE and Gold Hydrogen have Signed a MoU for the Development of a Natural Hydrogen Pilot Plant on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia


• Natural hydrogen is a primary source of energy without carbon footprint. It holds great decarbonization potential.




• H2SITE’s technology is an enabler for natural hydrogen projects, able to separate hydrogen streams from helium, nitrogen, CO2.




• H2SITE’s experience working on low concentration hydrogen blends has proven hydrogen recovery efficiencies above 95%.



BILBAO, Spain–(BUSINESS WIRE)–White, natural or geologic hydrogen is naturally produced or present in the Earth’s crust and represents a primary source of energy without carbon footprint. Although it holds great decarbonization potential by significantly reducing current hydrogen costs, the technology still requires development.





Natural hydrogen deposits are being explored in France, US and in Australia, where H2SITE has signed an MoU with Gold Hydrogen for a Pilot Plant in the Yorke Peninsula.




Utilizing H2SITE’s advanced membrane separation technology, the plant aims to recover over 95% of the available hydrogen while separating valuable co-products such as Helium.

“The collaboration with Gold Hydrogen underscores our shared commitment to the natural hydrogen market growth. H2SITE is thrilled to contribute with its membrane separation technology, enabling sustainable and cost-efficient hydrogen production.” according to Andres Galnares, CEO of H2SITE




The project in the Yorke Peninsula represents a significant step forward in the natural hydrogen space, with one of the first wells showcasing unprecedented levels of H2 concentration.




This collaboration is another step towards accelerating decarbonization and the future use of natural hydrogen as sustainable energy source.




About H2SITE:




H2SITE was established in 2020 and possesses exclusive technology for reactors and separators, facilitating the conversion of various feedstocks into hydrogen. These include ammonia, methanol, or synthetic gas, as well as the separation of hydrogen from gaseous mixtures in low concentrations for applications in salt caverns or natural hydrogen.




For more information:

Andrés Galnares, CEO de H2SITE: andres.galnares@h2site.eu




For more information:

Andrés Galnares, CEO de H2SITE: andres.galnares@h2site.eu





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