ServiceNow to Acquire Atrinet NetACE Network Technology to Accelerate Business Transformation for Telcos

Mobile World Congress — ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW), the leading digital workflow company making the world work better for everyone, today announced it ha

Coding for Better Life

coding brain

Unlock a world of possibilities with “Coding for Better Life” web story. Explore the transformative impact of coding on efficiency, wellness, community, education, sustainability, and career. Join the digital revolution for a brighter, balanced future.

Technology News, February 2024

Explore the forefront of technology with our Weekly News Update. From the transformative impact of Edge Computing to the breakthroughs in graphics processing with Antares MI300 GPU, stay informed about the latest trends and industry shifts.

Talent Gap In Tech: Strategies for the Future of Work

Explore the Talent Gap In Tech and its implications on the industry and economy, understand its causes, and discover strategies to bridge it. Learn about the role of AI, upskilling, reskilling, diversity, and inclusion in shaping the future of tech talent acquisition.

What Is Coldago’s Object Storage Vendor Rankings for 2023

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Explore the latest Coldago Research Map for Object Storage 2023, unveiling vendor rankings and sparking industry debate. Delve into object storage trends, technology evaluations, and the dynamics of the data storage solutions market.

A How-To Guide on Acquiring AI Systems

The IEEE Standards Association introduces the IEEE P3119, a pioneering standard for AI procurement. This standard aims to help government agencies adapt their procurement practices to maximize the benefits of AI while minimizing the risks, ensuring the public interest and citizens’ civil rights are proactively protected.

The Future of Datacenters: AI, Startups, and Hyperscale Campuses

Delve into the future of datacenters, driven by AI demands and new startups. Discover how hyperscale campuses and novel energy sources are shaping the industry.

Adaptive Cybersecurity in the Digital Terrain

Explore the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity threats and discover an adaptive cybersecurity strategy for staying ahead. From proactive defense measures to embracing unconventional technologies, learn key insights to enhance your organization’s cybersecurity resilience.

MLOps: A Comprehensive “How To” Guide for Technology Managers

Explore the world of MLOps with our guide for Technology Managers. Understand its importance, learn how to implement it, and discover its potential through a relevant case study. Ideal for technology managers looking to leverage MLOps in their AI projects.

Quantum Transformation: Igniting a Revolutionary Change in Computing

Embark on a transformative journey into the quantum realm, exploring the landscape of quantum computing. Unveil industry leaders, real-world applications, challenges, and the potential to reshape the future of computing.