Understanding Wi-Fi and Li-Fi: A Comparative Guide for Non-Tech Savvy Individuals

Explore the world of wireless internet connectivity with our easy-to-understand guide on Wi-Fi and Li-Fi. Designed for non-tech savvy individuals, this guide offers a comprehensive comparison of the two technologies, their advantages, popular brands, and usage at home and work. Discover how these technologies can revolutionize your internet experience

The best smartwatches of 2023, Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro stands out

The best smartwatches of 2023: There’s an Apple Watch, a Galaxy Watch, but also a few surprises. Smartwatches are quietly becoming one of the must-have personal devices for any modern… Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro stands out…

AMD Will Make Its Current & Future Ryzen CPU Specs More Clear To Everyone and Best AM4 CPUs of 2024

AMD seems to be reworking its specifications and branding strategy for existing and future Ryzen CPUs as it expands its hybrid chip fleet.

Tesla’s Cybertruck delivery event on Thursday

Tesla’s Cybertruck

Tesla’s highly anticipated delivery event takes place at its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, on Thursday, November 30. Tesla will live-stream the event but has yet to reveal where you can watch it. Likely venues for the live stream include Tesla’s YouTube channel and  Cybertruck’s X (formerly Twitter) account. We’ll update this page when more information becomes available.