Retail Investors Rally Behind Robotics Startup Atom Limbs, Raising Millions for World’s First Artificial Human Arm

SAN FRANCISCO: Atom Limbs, a leading innovator in prosthetic technology, announced its latest investment round on Wefunder, the premier online platform for fundraising.

Under the leadership of CEO Tyler Hayes, a seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneur whose last company was acquired by Amazon, Atom Limbs has elected to raise capital from retail investors – a move to democratize investment in service of the 65M limb-different people worldwide.

Atom - The first artificial human arm, coming 2024

Market Position

Atom Limbs has positioned itself at the forefront of the prosthetics market by creating first of its kind limb technology that restores not just mobility, but also a basic sense of touch for people with limb loss. Its waitlist consists of over 9,000+ qualified buyers, amounting to $180M+ in forecast revenue. Atom Limbs’ groundbreaking technology restores not only mobility, but also allows a fundamental sense of touch for amputees.

“Their potential extends beyond just leading in the market; it’s about forging a new standard in prosthetic functionality and accessibility,” comments Daniel Ha, the round’s lead investor, a current Partner at Antigravity Capital, and former Co-Founder & CEO at Disqus.

Atom Limbs has garnered remarkable support, raising over $7M across multiple rounds. Many cite Atom Limbs’ impressive team as a reason for investing, which consists of ex-leadership from Apple, Oculus, Zoox, Baxter, and Neuralink, responsible for bringing iconic products like the iPhone and iMac to market under the leadership of Steve Jobs.

Backed by venture capital firm Village Global whose LPs include Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, Atom Limbs is poised to create monumental impact in a dinosaur industry ripe for disruption. With breakthrough robotics, autonomy and piloting, and smart wearables that create an unprecedented human experience for people living with physical disabilities. Atom Limbs is disrupting the $800B+ physical disability industry.

The Atom Limbs Regulation CF Offering is now open on Wefunder for a limited time with a minimum investment amount of $250. For more information on Atom Limbs, visit

About Atom Limbs

Atom Limbs is on a mission to revolutionize prosthetics. Backed by Moai Capital, J4 Ventures, Village Global, angels including Trevor Blackwell and Anthony Pompliano, and countless healthcare professionals, Atom Limbs’ pioneering approach to the world’s first artificial human arm is on track to transform the $800B+ physical disability industry and give 65M+ limb-different people their limbs back.

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