Spotted, AMD Next-Gen RDNA 4 Radeon RX 8000 GPUs GFX1200 & GFX1201 GPUs, Possibly Navi 44 & Navi 48

AMD’s next-gen RDNA 4 GPUs which would power the Radeon RX 8000 series have started to see support in the Linux LLVM patches with the addition of the GFX1200 & GFX1201 IPs.

The two AMD RDNA 4 “Navi 4X” GPUs were mentioned in the latest LLVM-Project notes where one dev has highlighted to define target names and ELF numbers for new GFX12 targets which include the GFX1200 and GFX1201. It is mentioned that both of these GPUs behave identically to the GFX11 “RDNA 3” family for now but we can expect more bigger differences down the road since these are still a year away from launch.

AMD RDNA 4 GFX1200 GFX1201 Navi 4X GPUs LLVM

Out of the two GPUs, the GFX1200 ID has previously been used for the Navi 41 SKU though there are reports that AMD has canceled its high-end Navi 4X offerings which were meant to utilize the Navi 4C die for a chiplet-esque design. Now, the company is allegedly targeting the high-end and mainstream segment. The difference between flagship and high-end offerings is that AMD likes to consider everything above $500 US as an enthusiast-class product and these products have pre-dominantly been using the top Navi x1 dies but this time, that is most likely not going to happen.

According to a post by @Olrak29_ who has previously helped lay out the die block diagrams and configurations for several RDNA GPUs, it looks like these two RDNA 4 “Navi 4X” IDs could be the Navi 44 & Navi 48 SKUs. The naming might suggest that these are very low-end SKUs but AMD has already clarified that the numbering shouldn’t represent performance/segment positioning. So we won’t go into speculative territory on that front until we have more information.

GFX900VEGA 10GCN 5.0RX VEGA / Radeon Pro
GFX902RAVENRaven Ridge / PicassoGCN 5.0Ryzen 2000/3000(G/GE)
GFX904VEGA 12GCN 5.0Vega Pro 20 (MAC)
GFX906VEGA 20GCN 5.0Radeon VII / Radeon Pro VII
GFX90AAldebaranCDNA 2Instinct MI200
GFX909RENOIRGCN 5.0Ryzen 4000(H/U/G)
GFX1010NAVI 10RDNA 1RX 5700/5600(M/XT)
GFX1012NAVI 14RDNA 1RX 5500 (M/XT)
GFX1030NAVI 21Big Navi / Sienna CichlidRDNA 2RX 6900/6800 Series
GFX1031NAVI 22Navy FlounderRDNA 2RX 6700 Series
GFX1032NAVI 23Dimgrey CavefishRDNA 2RX 6600 Series
GFX1033NAVI 24Beige GobyRDNA 2RX 6500/6400 Series
GFX1033Van GoghAerithRDNA 2Steam Deck
GFX1036Navi 2XRaphaelRDNA 2Ryzen 7000
GFX1040VAN GOGH LITE / MendocinoGreen SardineRDNA 2Ryzen 7000
GFX1100Navi 31Plum BonitoRDNA 3Radeon RX 7900
GFX1101Navi 32Wheat NasRDNA 3Radeon RX 7800
GFX1102Navi 33Hotpink BonefishRDNA 3Radeon RX 7600
GFX1103Navi 3XPhoenix PointRDNA 3Ryzen 7000 APU
GFX1150Navi 3.5Strix PointRDNA 3.5Ryzen 8000 APU
GFX1200Navi 4XRDNA 4Radeon 8000?
GFX1201Navi 4XRDNA 4Radeon 8000?

So it’s good to see that initial work is now beginning on AMD’s next-gen RDNA 4 architecture that will go on to power the Radeon RX 8000 series. There are a lot of things to be excited about for the next lineup as the red team has promised to evolve the performance even further versus the RDNA 3 family while offering a range of new features for its Navi 4X class of chips such as a brand new graphics pipeline, better ray tracing capabilities, higher efficiency and also utilizing AI accelerators in a more smart way.

The next-gen AMD Radeon GPU lineup based on the RDNA 4 architecture is expected to launch by 2024 and will be utilizing a new and advanced process node.

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