Disney+ rolling out ‘Hulu Hub’ for bundle subscribers, but some content is missing

Disney has started rolling out its promised two-in-one Disney+ and Hulu experience today. Currently in beta, this brings Hulu content directly to the Disney+ app for people who are subscribed to the Hulu and Disney+ bundle.

The Hulu content presents itself in the Disney+ app as a dedicated tile along the top. This appears alongside other tiles for Disney+ itself, Pixar, Marvel, and other sources of content.

“Starting today, when Bundle subscribers open their Disney+ app, they will see a Hulu tile appear alongside the Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic tiles,” Disney explains in a blog post announcing the feature.

Clicking on the Hulu tile will take subscribers to a Hulu Hub, where they’ll be able to choose from thousands of movies and series from Hulu’s library for playback via Disney+. They will have access to extensive Hulu content, including award-winning Originals, next day TV, and a huge library, right there, inside Disney+ without the friction of navigating from one app to another.

Notably, both Disney+ and Hulu apps will also remain available as separate options. There will also be some content, as Variety explains, that isn’t currently available via the Hulu hub in the Disney+ app. These limitations are due to “licensing-rights restrictions” and affect titles like “Modern Family” and “Love Island.”

Disney also reiterates that what’s launching today is considered a beta. The full Hulu on Disney+ experience will launch in the spring. Learn more in the company’s blog post published today.


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