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“Propagating houseplants is a fun and low-cost way to grow more plants from the ones you already have. You can use different techniques such as cuttings, division, or offsets to multiply your indoor garden. Cuttings are small pieces of stems or leaves that can grow roots and form new plants. Division is the process of separating a plant into two or more parts, each with its own roots and shoots. Offsets are baby plants that grow from the base or the side of the mother plant. Propagating houseplants is also a great way to share your love of plants with others. You can give away your extra plants as gifts, swap them with other gardeners, or donate them to local schools or community centers.”

Before you start

Propagated plants in medium light

Ensure all your cutting tools, pruning shears or scissors are sterilized before use, to avoid passing on any disease or bacteria to the cutting or parent plant. They should also be sharp to give a clean cut. (Here’s our guide on how to sharpen pruning shears.)

  • snake plants, a type of low maintenance houseplant that can grow in different light conditions.
  • The text gives some tips on how to care for snake plants, such as sterilizing the cutting tools and separating the ‘pups’ from the main plant.
  • The text also expresses the author’s love and admiration for snake plants and their ability to do all the hard work for the user.

Here’s what you need to do:

This popular houseplant is fast-growing and adaptable. It can be trained to climb or grown as a hanging plant. I have one that cascades down the side of a white wardrobe in my guest bedroom, the vibrant leaves brighten up an otherwise plain space. They are also suitable for bathrooms as they enjoy a humid atmosphere.

If you prefer them a bit tamer, they can be trimmed and shaped into a compact plant, but don’t fret if you’re a bit heavy-handed with the snippers, they will soon grow back.

Apart from being easy to care for, pothos are super simple to propagate by the cutting method.

This long-loving holiday plant blooms indoors in the winter, making it the ideal houseplant to propagate and gift over the holiday season.

Its name is deceptive as unlike regular cacti that enjoy hot and dry desert conditions, it’s native to tropical rainforests and thrives in warm temperatures with high humidity.

Christmas cactus is easy to propagate, although for best results, it’s best if the plant isn’t producing buds when you take your cuttings. You’ll also notice that Christmas cacti have leaf segments rather than typical leaves, reflecting on how you take a stem cutting.

Given its name, as the vibrant leaves resemble coins, the Chinese money plant has always rewarded me with rich pickings. However, I have learnt that it doesn’t respond well to overwatering and needs to dry out between each water. But aside from my watering mistakes, I do love the compactness of this plant and the elegant shape of its leaves.

Because it’s easy to propagate, it’s also known as the sharing or friendship plant. And from my experience, it’s always well received by my friends and family.

The Chinese money plant, like the snake plant above, can be propagated by division. The offshoots develop from the mother plant’s root system, but can also form from the nodes along the stem, where old leaves have fallen off.

If you’re looking for a delicate plant, String of hearts makes a good choice. It’s a trailing vine with small heart-shaped leaves and looks pretty on a shelf, windowsill or within a hanging basket. And if you prefer a little more colour in your leaves, the pink and silver Variegated String of Hearts is particularly pretty.

This plant is best propagated by the stem-cutting method, which can then be placed in either water or soil.

Propagating a Syngonium in water

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How to propagate houseplants, which means making new plants from the ones you already have. The author explains what propagation is, why you should do it, and how to do it. The post also lists five easy houseplants to propagate: Pothos, Spider Plant, Snake Plant, Jade Plant, and ZZ Plant. For each plant, the author gives a brief description, the best method of propagation, and some tips to ensure success. The post is aimed at beginners who want to multiply their plant collection without spending money. You can read the full post here.

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