WSPN Forges Strategic Alliance with Fireblocks to Advance Digital Payments Ecosystem

HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–WSPN, a leading global digital payments company, proudly announces a strategic collaboration with Fireblocks, an enterprise platform to manage digital asset operations and build innovative businesses on the blockchain, to expand global digitals payment adoption and propel financial inclusion. This collaboration marks a significant step forward for WSPN in its commitment to reshape the future of digital payments worldwide.

The strategic alliance between WSPN and Fireblocks signifies a convergence of expertise and innovation, combining WSPN’s extensive footprint in digital payments with Fireblocks’ enterprise-grade digital assets infrastructure. The integration will see WSPN issuing a USD-backed stablecoin, WUSD (“World USD”), via Fireblocks’ Tokenisation Studio, as well as leveraging Fireblocks’ Wallets-as-a-Service to ensure the secure custodying of WUSD and to facilitate asset transfers. By integrating Fireblocks’ state-of-the-art technology, WSPN aims to elevate its payments ecosystem, providing customers with an unparalleled level of security and efficiency in managing digital assets.

“We believe that digital payments enable financial inclusion,” said Raymond Yuan, Founder and CEO of WSPN, “We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Fireblocks providing its battle-tested digital asset custody technology for our digital payment products, such as our innovative 1:1 USD-pegged stablecoin, WUSD. This collaboration perfectly aligns with our vision of establishing a robust, resilient and efficient payments infrastructure, ensuring transparency and the highest levels of compliance.

Stephen Richardson, Head of APAC and Managing Director, Financial Markets at Fireblocks, said, “We are delighted to be working with WSPN to provide a seamless digital payment solution via their stablecoin product, WUSD. With stablecoins offering greater transparency and speed via reduced intermediation and 24/7 availability of the blockchain, this will inevitably lead to a more accessible and efficient global financial system and we look forward to supporting WSPN in enabling the future of finance.”

The WSPN and Fireblocks collaboration aims to redefine industry standards, empowering businesses and individuals with enhanced capabilities and unparalleled security in handling digital assets.


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