Google Search Console 404 Error Report For /1000 URLs Spike

Google Search Console has reported a spike in 404 errors for URLs ending with /1000. Google is aware of the issue and advises site owners to ignore these errors as they are likely due to random spam.

The issue of Google Search Console reporting a spike in 404 errors for URLs ending with /1000 has been noticed by multiple users. This unusual pattern has raised concerns among site owners and SEO professionals.

Google Reponses

Google’s John Mueller has addressed this issue, stating that these errors can be ignored as they are likely due to random spam. This means that these URLs are probably being generated by spam bots, which are automated scripts that crawl the web to find vulnerabilities or to create backlinks for SEO manipulation.

These bots can generate random URLs, including those ending with /1000, and try to access them on various websites. When Google’s crawlers follow these links, they encounter 404 errors because these URLs do not actually exist on the targeted websites.

While a large number of 404 errors can be alarming, Google has reassured site owners that 404 errors on non-existent pages do not negatively impact a site’s ranking. However, it’s always a good practice to monitor your site’s performance in Google Search Console and investigate any unusual activity.

In some cases, a sudden increase in 404 errors can be due to a site being targeted by a spam attack. In such scenarios, it’s important to ensure that your site is secure and can effectively handle such attacks.

Remember, Google Search Console is a tool that helps you understand how Google’s search engine sees your site. It’s a valuable resource for monitoring your site’s health and optimizing its visibility in search results. So, while you can ignore these /1000 404 errors as advised by Google, you should continue to use Google Search Console to keep an eye on your site’s performance

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