Microsoft Confronts Apple in Epic App Store Battle

Microsoft criticizes Apple’s App Store changes, deeming them a wrong step. Despite developing an alternative game store, Microsoft expresses dissatisfaction with Apple’s policies, including the Core Technology Fee. The clash raises uncertainties about Microsoft’s plans on the Xbox Cloud Gaming app.

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Microsoft is pushing back against Apple’s proposed changes to the App Store and the iPhone in the European Union, considering them a “step in the wrong direction.” Despite working on an alternative app store, Microsoft is critical of Apple’s policy shift, particularly the Core Technology Fee. Sarah Bond, President of Xbox at Microsoft, expressed dissatisfaction, urging Apple to embrace a more inclusive future. The focus remains on Microsoft’s game-centric app store and the implications of Apple’s alterations.

Microsoft’s Opposition to Apple’s Changes:

Microsoft strongly opposes Apple’s proposed changes to the App Store and iPhone in the European Union, considering them a “step in the wrong direction.”

Development of Microsoft’s Alternative App Store:

Microsoft is actively working on an alternative app store for iPhone users, focusing on games, with plans to launch the platform later this year.

Apple’s Policy Changes and Criticism from Various Quarters:

Apple’s proposed changes, including support for alternative app marketplaces, face criticism not only from Microsoft but also from other major players like Spotify and Epic Games.

Microsoft’s Concerns about Core Technology Fee:

Microsoft is likely displeased with Apple’s Core Technology Fee, which requires developers to pay €0.50 for each annual app install, impacting developers, especially those managing app marketplaces.

Game Streaming App Approval and Uncertainties:

Apple’s recent change to App Store guidelines allowing game streaming apps is noted. However, uncertainties arise about Microsoft’s plans for launching a dedicated Xbox Cloud Gaming app, given their criticism of other proposed changes.

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