US Foods tops profit expectations, lifts full-year outlook as volume growth offset food-cost deflation

US Foods Holding Corp. USFD reported Thursday a third-quarter profit that topped expectations and nudged up its full-year outlook. The $10.1 billion market-capitalization foodservice distributor’s stock was still inactive in the premarket. Net income fell to $95 million, or 38 cents a share, from $100 million, or 43 cents a share, in the year-ago period. Excluding nonrecurring items, adjusted earnings per share rose to 70 cents from 60 cents to beat the FactSet consensus of 69 cents. Sales grew 2.1% to $9.106 billion, compared with the FactSet consensus of $9.116 billion, as food cost deflation of 1.3% was offset. Read more on Market Watch.

US Foods Holding Corp. (USFD) operates in the competitive landscape of food distribution and supply chain management. Let’s explore how it stacks up against its key competitors:

  1. Core-Mark Holding Company: Core-Mark is a wholesale distributor to the convenience retail industry, providing sales, marketing, distribution, and logistics services.
  2. Sysco Corporation: Sysco is a major distributor of food and related products to the food service or food-away-from-home industry.
  3. Dot Foods: Dot Foods operates as a food industry redistributor, assisting manufacturers with logistics for providing products to distributors in less-than-truckload quantities.
  4. United Natural Foods (UNFI): UNFI distributes natural, organic, specialty, produce, and conventional grocery and non-food products, along with support services.
  5. Performance Food Group: This company also distributes food and food-related products.
  6. Gordon Food Service: With over 115 years of experience, Gordon Food Service delivers quality products for successful food operations.
  7. Ben E. Keith: Ben E. Keith is another distributor of food and beverage products.
  8. Dole: Dole supplies fresh fruits and vegetables.

In summary, US Foods competes with a diverse group of players in the food distribution industry. Each competitor brings its unique strengths and market positioning. US Foods’ ability to adapt, innovate, and provide value to its customers will determine its success in this competitive arena.

US Foods Holding Corp. (USFD) has shown resilience in its financial performance, but like any company, it does face certain challenges. Let’s explore some aspects:

  1. Net Income Fluctuations: In 2021, US Foods reported a negative net income of -$226 million. This was likely influenced by economic conditions and other headwinds during that period1. While the company has recovered, it’s essential to monitor its profitability consistently.
  2. Market Volatility: The stock market can be volatile, impacting USFD’s share price. Investors should consider market fluctuations and broader economic trends.
  3. Competition: The food distribution industry is competitive. US Foods competes with other major players like Sysco, Core-Mark, and Performance Food Group. Staying ahead in this landscape requires continuous innovation and adaptability.
  4. Supply Chain Disruptions: The ongoing global supply chain challenges affect various industries, including food distribution. Any disruptions can impact US Foods’ operations and profitability.
  5. Industry-Specific Risks: The food industry faces unique risks related to food safety, regulatory compliance, and changing consumer preferences. USFD must navigate these challenges effectively.

Despite these potential weaknesses, US Foods has received positive analyst ratings. The consensus rating is Moderate Buy, with an average price target of $47.64 and a predicted upside of 23.98% based on 12-month forecasts2. As with any investment, thorough research and risk assessment are crucial.

Source: – MarketPulse


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