Microsoft Adds Enterprise Security Features To WSL

Microsoft Adds Enterprise Security Features To WSL



  • Set up Windows Subsystem for Linux for your company1: This is a Microsoft Learn article that provides guidance for IT administrators or security analysts on how to set up and maintain a secure environment for using WSL in their organizations, using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Intune, and advanced networking features and controls.
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux September 2023 update2: This is a blog post by Craig Loewen, a program manager at Microsoft, that announces the new release for WSL with new features and bug fixes, including the support for new opt-in experimental features, such as autoMemoryReclaim, sparse VHD, mirrored mode networking, dnsTunneling, firewall, and autoProxy.
  • WSL2 and security implementations3: This is a Microsoft Q&A thread that discusses the security implications of using WSL2, such as the firewall settings, the antivirus compatibility, and the encryption options. The thread also provides some links to the official documentation and the GitHub repository for WSL.

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