Talent Gap In Tech: Strategies for the Future of Work

Explore the Talent Gap In Tech and its implications on the industry and economy, understand its causes, and discover strategies to bridge it. Learn about the role of AI, upskilling, reskilling, diversity, and inclusion in shaping the future of tech talent acquisition.

2024 IT management trends It’s generative AI and everything else

Commissioned: As the curtain falls on 2023, IT organizations are looking toward the new year with a mix of renewed enthusiasm and cautious optimism. The enthusiasm stems from the arrival of generative AI services a year ago. Generative AI (GenAI) has emerged as perhaps the biggest productivity booster for knowledge work since the proliferation of […]

Visual Studio 17 8 released with DOT NET 8, but progress is slow with much-requested features


Microsoft has released Visual Studio 17.8 as part of its .NET 8 release wave, with hundreds of new features including stronger Git pull request support, IntelliTest test generation for modern .NET, and tools for cross-platform developers