Visual Studio 17 8 released with DOT NET 8, but progress is slow with much-requested features


Microsoft has released Visual Studio 17.8 as part of its .NET 8 release wave, with hundreds of new features including stronger Git pull request support, IntelliTest test generation for modern .NET, and tools for cross-platform developers including MAUI (Multi-platform App UI).

There are hundreds of new features though most will be familiar to developers from preview versions. Seemingly minor changes can make a big difference to coders, like case-preserving Find and Replace, already a feature of VS Code, which replaces “oneThing” with “anotherThing” and “OneThing” with “AnotherThing” in a single operation.

Microsoft’s Adrian Murphy, Senior Lead Technical Program Manager, makes a point of the “emphasis on community-driven enhancements.” While there is truth in this, developers may wonder why features take so long to deliver. Case-preserving Find and Replace is an issue from 2019.

Visual Studio 17.8 is the latest version of Microsoft’s integrated development environment (IDE) that offers a comprehensive suite of enhancements that span productivity, programming languages, and enterprise management1. Some of the new features are:

These are just some of the highlights of Visual Studio 17.8. You can find more details and download the latest version from the official website1.

Some of the features that are expected or requested by the Visual Studio community but not released in Visual Studio 17.8 are:

These are some of the most popular and requested features that are not yet available in Visual Studio 17.8. You can find more feature requests and suggestions on the Developer Community site1.

Visual Studio Competition:

Yes, Visual Studio has some competition from other IDEs that offer similar or different features and capabilities for software development. Some of the best alternatives to Visual Studio are:



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