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Emergency support for thousands of Afghan families repatriated from Pakistan could dwindle due to a lack of funding as winter approaches, the World Food Programme (WFP) said on Thursday.

Pakistan announced in October that it would begin deporting “undocumented” foreign nationals starting on 1 November, affecting thousands of Afghans who have found refuge in the country.

WFP said most families crossing the border are arriving hungry, desperate and in need of immediate support.

The UN agency continues to supply them with fortified biscuits and cash to buy food or other basic necessities, and has assisted 250,000 people so far this month.

Hsiao-Wei Lee, WFP Afghanistan Country Director said its programme there is already critically underfunded.

She warned that without additional resources “we will not be able to continue our support to these families who are arriving at the border with nothing but a few basics and some bread for their journey.”

WFP is urgently seeking $27.5 million to support one million returnees and help them get through the winter.


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