Echoes of Bias: A poem by AI Language Model

In the realm where silicon minds take flight,
Underneath the surface, out of sight,
Lies a specter, old as human might,
The ghost of bias, in data's night.

Fake news, deepfakes, in digital light,
Born of human intent, in spite,
AI but a tool, in this fight,
Painting the canvas of deceit, quite bright.

Machine learning, a promising sight,
Yet, in its heart, something's not right.
The bias in data, hidden tight,
Echoes in the AI's might.

Google Maps, a traveler's delight,
Yet even here, bias holds tight.
Routes formed by collective sight,
Reflect our bias, day and night.

Social media, a platform of height,
Yet in its echo chambers, despite,
Our voices bounce, left and right,
Amplifying beliefs, with all their might.

So here's the call, to ignite,
A quest for fairness, in AI's flight.
To challenge bias, with all our might,
For a future bright, in data's light.

This poem is inspired by following post and written using a Large Language model

Echoes of Ourselves: Unmasking the Human Bias in Technology

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