What Is Coldago’s Object Storage Vendor Rankings for 2023


The Coldago Research Map for Object Storage 2023 is a comprehensive report that provides a detailed examination of the object storage market, offering insights into trends, vendor performance, and the evolving landscape. This fifth edition of the report aims to equip industry professionals with valuable information for navigating the complexities of the object storage market.

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Content Overview:

The 48-page report covers a range of topics, including an introduction, exploration of market trends, list of vendors and products, the Coldago Index, the Coldago Map, detailed vendor profiles, future directions, criteria and methodologies, vendors to watch, and a conclusion.

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Data Collection and Analysis:

The report’s foundation is built upon 12 months of extensive data collection, involving engagement with vendors, end-users, and partners. The Coldago team scrutinizes product announcements, success stories, and partnerships. Vendors receive a dedicated matrix for a holistic evaluation, with the team processing, segmenting, grouping, and normalizing the collected data for effective comparison and ranking.

Vendor Criteria and Methodologies:

The report outlines the criteria and methodologies used in evaluating vendors, covering companies, business and strategy, and product and technologies. Key factors include management, track record, funding, business model, alliances, pricing, product/market fit, technology integration, and benchmark participation.

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Map Structure and Segmentation:

The Coldago Map employs a classic four-box diagram with axes representing Execution and Capabilities and Vision and Strategy. Segments include Niches, Specialists, Challengers, and Leaders. The map visually represents the balance between Execution and Capabilities and Vision and Strategy.

Vendor Rankings:

The report reveals the top leaders, challengers, and other segments based on the evaluated criteria. IBM, Pure Storage, Hitachi Vantara, and NetApp lead, with Scality’s CEO expressing surprise at their placement. The report acknowledges some ranking discrepancies and industry debate.

Coldago Research Map 2023 for Object Storage

The report discloses the ranking of top leaders, challengers, and other segments based on the evaluated criteria. Below is a snapshot of the vendor rankings:

2Pure StorageLeaders
3Hitachi VantaraLeaders

Notably, Scality’s CEO expressed surprise at their placement, introducing a layer of complexity to the rankings. The report acknowledges the existence of some ranking discrepancies, sparking industry debate on the methodology and criteria employed in the evaluation process.

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Debate on this Report:

The Coldago Research Map 2023 has triggered industry debate, with key points including:

  1. Market Maturity: The map suggests that 69% of mentioned suppliers are leaders, indicating a mature market.
  2. Ranking Discrepancies: Some suppliers, like Scality, express surprise and question the basis of their placement.
  3. Methodology Questions: Questions arise about the methodology, as some suppliers feel they were not consulted, and their customers were not interviewed.

These points represent some reactions, and it’s important to note that they may not capture all industry perspectives. For a more comprehensive understanding, readers are encouraged to explore additional industry opinions or consider purchasing the full report.

Accessibility and Further Information:

The report is available for purchase at $7,990, intended for internal usage only. It cannot be distributed or shared outside of the purchasing company. Interested parties can obtain the report by contacting reports@coldago.com.

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Final Thoughts:

The Coldago Research Map for Object Storage 2023 stands as a valuable resource for industry stakeholders navigating the object storage market. As industry debate surrounds the report, the inclusion of various perspectives adds transparency and complexity to the discussion. The availability of the full report ensures that interested parties can delve into the details, fostering a deeper understanding of the market dynamics and vendor rankings in the evolving landscape of object storage solutions.

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